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Vandor Real Estate’s vision is to become a benchmark company in co-living rentals.

Our aim is to support and provide our tenants with a living space which allows them to enjoy an enhanced experience during their stay in one of our buildings.

We know that it will not be a permanent residence. Therefore, through agreements and collaborations with other companies, we can address and resolve many concerns faced by tenants, during their stay with us.

Mr. Pedro Luis Barceló Bou

Chairman / CEO

Mr. Pedro Luis Barcelo holds a degree in Civil Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and an MBA degree from IESE (Barcelona). Mr. Barcelo worked for one year at Enron in the underwriting department in London and also worked for two years at Hines in the development of the Diagonal Mar mixed-use project in Barcelona. Later, he spent three years at Hypo Real Estate Bank International focusing on project and corporate loan origination, initially in London and subsequently in Madrid. In 2004, Mr. Barcelo joined Patron Capital, after working with Patron during that year on the refinancing of the Hotel Arts in his role as loan originator at Hypo Real Estate Bank International. Since 2004, he has worked for Patron Capital, in charge ofmanaging Patron’s office in Barcelona.

Mr. Xavier Robert Fernández

Member of the Board of Directors

Mr. Xavier Robert holds a degree in Business management and administration from Esade. Mr. Robert worked for 3 years at a textile company as a CFO. Later, together with two partners, he created a construction materials distribution company in Eastern countries. He lived in Warsaw for 5 years. In 2000, he founded Promobuilding, a real estate development company, which in 2008 managed an investment of more than €100,000,000. In 2011, he founded Item Fitch, a real estate consulting company. In 2019, Item Fitch merged with Bric Consulting to pave the way for 3 Capital. In 2014, he joined Francesc Puiggali in the Vanguard Student Housing project.

Mr. Shane Edward Law

Member of the Board of Directors

Shane Law joined Patron Capital Partners in 2003, and acts as Patron’s Chief Operating Officer and also focuses on Patron’s corporate investments and related responsibilities. Prior to joining Patron, he spent six years in investment banking, focusing on European mergers and acquisitions, initially at Svenska Handelsbanken and subsequently at Commerzbank Securities. He began his professional career at Ernst & Young, where he spent three years and qualified as a chartered accountant. Mr. Law holds a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree in Mathematics from the University of Durham.


Since its creation in December 2019, the company has acquired 9 assets, 4 of which are being refurbished in stages, and are therefore currently being managed as both co-living rentals and long-term rentals.

The company is continuously analysing assets, with a pipeline always in excess of 30 buildings.

vanguard student housing

To carry out its activity, Vandor signed an agreement with Vanguard Student Housing, a company which currently manages all of the buildings acquired by Vandor.

Vanguard Student Housing started out as a small student residence in Barcelona, with 18 living spaces, which Francesc Puiggalí, one of its founding partners, acquired for diversification purposes, while working as a property developer in 2006.

From the experience gained from managing this student residence and seeing the lack of professional operators in the shared accommodation sector, the company increased its product offering, by managing two apartments to be operated under the co-living rental regime for students.

During this second phase, the company incorporated Xavier Robert into the project, a prior partner in the property development world, with the aim of jointly creating an expansion plan. Initially, the expansion plan was created under the rental model for sub-letting rooms. However, due to the inherent risks of this model and the limitations for potential growth, they opted for a management model instead.

Soon after, the company had 20 apartments under its management. Then, thanks to the inclusion of its first building, located in calle Balmes, the company took an important step forward. After the acquisition of this building, many others followed, located in areas such as Travessera de Gracia, a second building in calle Balmes, one in calle Robrenyo and various others, making up a combined portfolio of 6 buildings under the company’s management.

Through the acquisitions carried out, Vanguard Student Housing became the main student housing operator in Barcelona.

In 2019, Patron Capital proposed the creation of a JV (Joint Venture) to Vanguard Student Housing to combine experience and know-how. This agreement led to the creation of Vandor.

business model.

The rental market for short-stay co-living rentals has been growing over recent years, and it is expected to continue to grow thanks to:

A sustainable increase in the urban population

An increase in the geographic movement of young professionals and students, both nationally and internationally

A cultural change coming from this increase in movement which, in turn, brings a need to lower financial commitments in all aspects, including housing costs.

The company is looking to add value to its buildings by refurbishing and improving the buildings it acquires, to make them more appealing and to provide increased comfort to this tenant profile.